Friday, June 26, 2009

Sneek Peek!

I haven't posted in a while due to being super busy and having a scanner that barely works. Oh well. One of these days I will get a ton of stuff I have been drawing up for you to see. In the meantime, here is some stuff from a new comic book I am working on called Radio Free Gahanna.
Check it out and I will talk and show more about it at a later date.


Jack C. Gregory said...

so... what date are you shooting for this issue to come out. Also, did you read the last issue of Wizard? They had a whole section about the tools and scanners, etc. that the pros use.

OTTOCON1 said...

No set date yet. Still getting things together so that I can draw the damn thing. I'll keep everyone posted with progress stuff. As for the wizard article, I did see it, ans I am planning on updating some things at some point.....probably need to wait for Steitz to get a job though.