Monday, September 27, 2010

The Toyetic Adventures of Coco Fiasco......PREVIEW!

Hey everybody! Here is a preview of a new book we will be premiering at the Mid Ohio Comicon (Nov 6-7, 2010) in Columbus, OH. It is an all ages book that is kind of a mix between Sailor Moon and Godzilla...SUPER FUN!!!! For anyone wondering where Radio Free Gahanna #2 is, I'll be working on it after this comes out. Kids are for some reason drawn to our booth at shows, so we wanted to make something to sell to them as well as their parents. In the future we will be periodically releasing some all ages one shots inspired by things we loved as kids. (to be honest, we still love them.) Regardless, if you like the preview, please stop by our table at any convention and pick one up, or order one on the soon to be live (by Mid Ohio...I SWEAR!) website.


The Toyetic Adventures of Coco Fiasco
Who do you call when the trouble gets hotter than Tabasco?
Who else, but Coco Fiasco?!
Alongside her pigesus Purco Bueno, she's going to need every
gadget and martial arts move in her arsenal to defeat a giant
monster smashing up a near-future Tokyo (and get to school on
time) in this all ages adventure. It's magical girl vs. kaiju
for the fate of a city in this fast-paced,
awesome-stuffed one-shot!

Written By James Moore
Illustrated By Joel Jackson


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This looks really great!

Frank Cvetkovic said...

Holy shit! This looks amazing! Save me a copy!